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Booking Policies

All bookings on JetBlue Airways travel documents must comply with JetBlue's Contract of Carriage, and with all applicable fare rules. We will continue to provide information to our Agency Partners to ensure that all GDS users take a consistent approach when using GDS services to reserve space and issue tickets for JetBlue customers. GDS practices that are considered a violation of JetBlue's policies will be addressed in the form of a debit memo.


In the event of a duplicate booking, JetBlue will allow the agency to refund the most recent ticket back to the original form of payment. We will waive the change/cancel penalty fee required by our fare rules; however a $50 Service Charge debit memo will be issued to the travel agency for administrative costs.

Duplicate Bookings

A duplicate reservation where two or more flights are booked for the same traveler is prohibited.

Examples of duplicate bookings include:

  • Two identical tickets for the same customer
  • Multiple itineraries for any number of customers with the same customer name, whether identical itineraries or not
  • Reserving one or more seats on the same flight or different flights for the same time frame, regardless of the class of service
  • Creating a reservation where two or more flights are booked for the same customer when it is evident they will only be able to use one
  • Creating reservations for a traveler when one already exists in the JetBlue Airways internal reservation system, or any GDS

In order to ensure the most accurate availability is accessible to all of our customers, JetBlue will cancel all duplicate bookings as soon as they are identified; the inventory in these bookings will be returned to availability.

JetBlue recognizes there are situations where two customers with the same name could be traveling on the same itinerary (i.e. father/son with same name) in a different reservation. Even if the reservations are ticketed, please ensure that both customers are enrolled in TrueBlue and enter each customer's respective TrueBlue number in the PNR to prevent cancellation.

Group Bookings

Currently JetBlue does not support group bookings through the GDS. Any requests for group space should be submitted to the JetBlue Groups department via the online form. You can also contact JetBlue Groups at 1-888-538-2583 Option 2.

Excessive Churning

JetBlue issues debit memos to agencies who repeatedly create and cancel reservations using the same or different fare class in order to circumvent established ticket time limits, hold confirmed space, or to achieve contract commitments. This applies to a single PNR and/or multiple PNRs. This policy applies to all PNRs, including both ticketed and un-ticketed. Once a PNR has been identified as churned, all newly added segments need to be instantly ticketed or they will be cancelled.

Emergency Contact Information

By collecting emergency contact information in advance of airport check-in, you will provide our mutual customers with the best possible service. Travelers who do not have passport and PCTC indicators in their PNR will have to be asked these questions at check-in, increasing the transaction time.

This information is to be used by the Department of State solely for family notification purposes in the event of an aviation disaster, and will be kept confidential.

What is needed:

NOTE: customers may refuse to provide this information. In this case, indicate that the customer refused. For questions on SSR formats, please contact your CRS help desk.

  • Emergency contact (full name and telephone number) must be solicited and included using the Special Services Request (SSR) code PCTC
  • Contact can be an individual or entity and need not be related to the customer
  • Contact may not be a person traveling on the covered flight
  • The regulation requires only that the emergency contact be solicited

Passive/Inactive Segments

All inactive segments must be removed from the GDS PNR prior to the calendar day of departure. Inactive segments include (but are not limited to) those with the status codes of: AK, AL, AN, BK, BL, BN, DS, GK, GL, GN, HL, HX, MK, MN, ML, NO, PK, PL, PU, PX, TK, UC, UN, US, WK or YK.  Inactive segments that are not cancelled 24 hours prior to departure are subject to cost recovery fee charges from JetBlue.

Ticketed Passive segments are never allowed and will incur cost recovery fees.

Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD)

The TSA Secure Flight Program requires Travel Agents to enter the customer's legal name, date of birth and gender in the SSR DOCS format, and allows for an optional redress number against government watch lists for domestic and international flights. PNRs without complete Secure Flight Passenger information may be subject to cancellation, tickets inhibited, and the potential for booking violation fees.

See the TSA Secure Flight website for more information www.tsa.govlink opens in a new window operated by
            external parties and may not conform to the same
            accessibility policies as JetBlue.

TrueBlue Frequent Traveler Program

To earn TrueBlue points for flights booked via the GDS, please add the traveler's 10-digit TrueBlue account number to the reservation. Check with your GDS provider for the correct format for entering a frequent flyer number.

For more information about the reciprocal frequent flyer agreements JetBlue has with some airline partners, visit our TrueBlue website.

Usage of Fake Name(s)

Travel agents are advised not to use fake names to hold space on a flight. The use of fake names will result in cost recovery fee charges from JetBlue.

Wait Listing

JetBlue does not allow wait lists for any flight segments and attempted usage will result in cost recovery fee charges.

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